Special Session “3-D reconstruction of urban environments using SAR tomography”

Chairs : Laurent Ferro-Famil, Florence Tupin


  • Laurent Ferro-Famil An introduction to 3-D imaging using SAR tomography


  • Elias Mendez Dominguez, David Small and Daniel Henke Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomography for Change Detection Applications


  • Yue Huang and Laurent Ferro-Famil High-Resolution Adaptive 3-D Urban Reconstruction Using Frugal Polarimetric Tomographic SAR Focusing Techniques


  • Clément Rambour, Loïc Denis and Florence Tupin Urban surface recovery through graph-cuts iver SAR tomographic reconstruction


  • Alessandra Budillon, Angel C. Johnsy and Gilda Schirinzi Contextual Information Based SAR Tomography of Urban Areas