Program (final, updated May 20)

Tuesday 21 May Wednesday 22 May Thursday 23 May Friday 24 May
08:00 8:00-8:30 Registration 8:00-8:30 Registration 8:00-9:00 Keynote
Xiaoxiang Zhu
8:00-9:00 Keynote
Florence Tupin
08:30 8:30-10:00
Tutorials – Morning
Urban Hackathon
8:30-9:00 Opening and Welcome Session
09:00 9:00-10:00 Keynote
Karen Seto
3MT/Student Contest
Panel/Contest Session
10:00 10:00-10:30 Break 10:00-10:30 Break 10:00-10:30 Break 10:00-10:30 Break
10:30 10:30-12:00
Tutorials – Morning
Deep Learning for Built Areas
Special Session
Urban Climatology – Part A
Processing 3D / Multiview Data
Special Session
Slums, Informal Areas, or Invisible Cities? Mapping the “Missing Spaces” – Part A
Special Session
3-D reconstruction of urban environments using SAR tomography
Special Session
Capturing green infrastructure provision using diverse airborne and orbital sensor systems
12:00 12:00-14:00
14:00 14:00-15:30
Tutorials – Afternoon
Poster Session 1
Poster Session 2
Special Session
Deep Learning in Urban Remote Sensing: A focus on Training Data
Special Session
Urban remote sensing for sub-Saharan Africa
15:30 15:30-16:00 Break 15:30-16:00 Break 15:30-16:00 Break 15:30-15:45 Break
16:00 16:00-17:30
Tutorials – Afternoon
SAR imagery
Special Session
Urban Climatology – Part B
Special Session
National & International Initiatives for Earth Observation Data and Services
Special Session
Slums, Informal Areas, or Invisible Cities? Mapping the “Missing Spaces” – Part B
15:45-16:30 Closing Session
17:30 Social Event
Breizh Welcome
18:00 18:00-19:00 Public Lecture
Philippe Clergeau (in French)
18:30 Social Event
Cocktail Cruise
19:00 Social Event
Gala Dinner

The list of papers presented in oral sessions is given below.
All accepted papers will be presented in one of the two poster sessions. Assignment of the papers in the poster session is available here: Poster Session 1, Poster Session 2

Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Urban remote sensing for sub-Saharan Africa 116 Caglayan Tuna, François Merciol and Sébastien Lefèvre
Monitoring Urban Growth with Spatial Filtering of Satellite Image Time Series
Catherine Linard, Eléonore Wolff, Moritz Lennert 33 Nicolas Johannes Kraff, Hannes Taubenböck and Michael Wurm
How dynamic are slums? EO-based assessment of Kibera’s morphologic transformation
40 Andreas Braun, Gebhard Warth, Felix Bachofer and Volker Hochschild
Identification of roof materials in high-resolution multispectral images for urban planning and monitoring
43 Stefanos Georganos, Tais Grippa, Assane Niang Gadiaga, Sabine Vanhuysse, Stamatis Kalogirou, Moritz Lennert and Catherine Linard
An Application of Geographical Random Forests for Population Estimation in Dakar, Senegal using Very-High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
60 Monika Kuffer, Claudio Persello, Karin Pfeffer, Richard Sliuzas and Vinodkumar Rao
Do we underestimate the slum population?
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
3-D reconstruction of urban environments using SAR tomography Laurent Ferro-Famil
An introduction to 3-D imaging using SAR tomography
Laurent Ferro-Famil, Florence Tupin 34 Elias Mendez Dominguez, David Small and Daniel Henke
Synthetic Aperture Radar Tomography for Change Detection Applications
83 Yue Huang and Laurent Ferro-Famil
High-Resolution Adaptive 3-D Urban Reconstruction Using Frugal Polarimetric Tomographic SAR Focusing Techniques
58 Clément Rambour, Loïc Denis and Florence Tupin
Urban surface recovery through graph-cuts over SAR tomographic reconstruction
71 Alessandra Budillon, Angel C. Johnsy and Gilda Schirinzi
Contextual Information Based SAR Tomography of Urban Areas
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Urban Climatology – Part A 81 Zina Mitraka, Stavros Stagakis, Giannis Lantzanakis, Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Christian Feigenwinter and Sue Grimmond
High spatial and temporal resolution Land Surface Temperature for surface energy fluxes estimation
Nektarios Chrysoulakis 50 Benjamin Bechtel, Panagiotis Sismanidis, Wenfeng Zhan and James Voogt.
Seasonal Surface Urban Heat Island Analysis
16 Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, Klea Katsouyanni, Panagiotis Sismanidis, Angeliki Efstathiou, Eleni Myrivili, Nikos Bogonikolos and Chris T. Kiranoudis.
Satellite-based Emergency Notification System to Support Cities During Extreme Temperature Events
25 Marie-Leen Verdonck, Frieke Van Coillie, Hans Hooyberghs, Frederik Priem and Matthias Demuzere
Spatial characterisation of heat risk in the Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
38 Stavros Stagakis, Ingunn Burud, Thomas Thiis, Niki Gaitani, Emmanouil Panagiotakis, Giannis Lantzanakis, Nektarios Spyridakis and Nektarios Chrysoulakis
Spatiotemporal monitoring of surface temperature in an urban area using UAV imaging and tower-mounted radiometer measurements
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Urban Climatology – Part B 68 Jiameng Lai, Wenfeng Zhan and Sida Jiang
Forecasting of the Nighttime Surface Urban Heat Islands under Clear-sky
Benjamin Bechtel, Frieke Van Coillie 45 Aurélie Michel, Laure Roupioz and Xavier Briottet
Land Surface Temperature Retrieval over Urban Areas from simulated TRISHNA data
56 Wieke Heldens, Björn Maronga, Julian Zeidler, Farah Kanani-Sühring, Wiebke Hanke and Thomas Esch
Remote sensing-supported generation of surface descriptors for a highly detailed urban climate model
57 Sara Top, Steven Caluwaerts, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, Rafiq Hamdi, Francois Duchene and Piet Termonia
Modelling the urban heat island: sensitivity to land cover data
29 Panagiotis Sismanidis, Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, Anastasia Tsontzou, Benjamin Bechtel, Stefano Barberis and Chris T. Kiranoudis
A Satellite-derived Heating- and Cooling-Degrees Geospatial Dataset: Results for Antwerp
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Capturing green infrastructure provision using diverse airborne and orbital sensor systems 47 Oladimeji Mudele and Paolo Gamba
Mapping vegetation in urban areas using Sentinel-2
Christiane Weber, Ellen Banzhaf 61 Stenka Vulova and Birgit Kleinschmit
Thermal behavior and its seasonal and diurnal variability of urban green infrastructure in a mid-latitude city – Berlin
90 Brabant Charlotte, Alvarez-Vanhard Emilien and Houet Thomas
Improving the classification of urban tree diversity from Very High Spatial Resolution hyperspectral images: comparison of multiples techniques
85 Anna-Maria Bolte and Theo Kötter
Can you see green or blue? On the necessity of visibility analysis of urban open spaces using remote sensing techniques and GIS
104 Mohamed Chelali, Camille Kurtz, Nicole Vincent and Anne Puissant
Urban land cover analysis from satellite image time series based on temporal stability
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Slums, informal areas, or invisible cities? Mapping the “missing spaces” – Part A 23 Caroline M. Gevaert, Divyani Kohli and Monika Kuffer
Challenges of mapping the missing spaces
Michael Wurm  and Caroline Gevaert 46 Ryan Engstrom, Dan Pavelesku, Tomomi Tanaka and Ayago Wambile
Mapping Poverty and Slums Using Multiple Methodologies in Accra, Ghana
3  Jakob Hartig, John Friesen and Peter F. Pelz
Spatial relations of slums: size of slum clusters
59 Tais Grippa, Stefanos Georganos, Sabine Vanhuysse, Moritz Lennert, Nicholus Mboga and Eléonore Wolff
Mapping slums and model population density using earth observation data and open source solutions
87 Divyani Kohli, Monika Kuffer and Caroline M. Gevaert
The Generic Slum Ontology: Can a Global Slum Repository be created?
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Slums, informal areas, or invisible cities? Mapping the “missing spaces” – Part B 26 Thomas Stark, Michael Wurm, Hannes Taubenböck and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Slum Mapping in Imbalanced Remote Sensing Datasets Using Transfer Learned Deep Features
Hannes Taubenboeck and Divyani Kohli
27 Henri Debray, Monika Kuffer, Claudio Persello, Christien Klaufus and Karin Pfeffer
Detection of Informal Graveyards in Lima using Fully Convolutional Network with VHR Images
52 John Friesen, Michaela Lestakova, Jens Kaltenmorgen, Suwaythan Nahaganeshan, Peter F. Pelz, Hannes Taubenböck and Michael Wurm
Size Distributions for Morphological Slums in Asia and South America
53 John Friesen, Christoph Knoche, Jakob Hartig, Peter Pelz, Hannes Taubenböck and Michael Wurm
Sensitivity of slum size distributions as a function of spatial parameters for slum classification
80 Carlos de Wasseige and Annemarie Enk
Identification of appropriate data sources and analysis software to monitor the growth of informal settlements in Namibia
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
National & international initiatives for Earth observation data and services 41 Benjamin Beaumont, Nathalie Stephenne, Laura Van de Vyvere and Eric Hallot
Users’ consultation process in building a land cover and land use database for the official Walloon Georeferential
Anne Puissant, Arnaud Le Bris 82 Marie Jagaille, Nicolas Bellec and René Garello
Regional Copernicus: foster end users uptake by co-designing regional EO-based products and services. An example with local and regional authorities (LRAs) in Brittany
94 Anne Puissant, Arnaud Sellé, Nicolas Baghdadi, Vincent Thierion, Arnaud Le Bris and Jean-Louis Roujean
The ‘urban’ component of the French Land Data and Services Centre (Theia)
66 Filip Sabo, Christina Corbane, Panagiotis Politis, Martino Pesaresi and Thomas Kemper
Update and improvement of the European Settlement Map
120 Felix Bachofer, Thomas Esch, Jakub Balhar, Martin Boettcher, Fabrice Brito, Vaclav Svaton and Marc Paganini
The Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform – Processing, Analysing and Visualization of Heterogeneous Data for Urban Applications
Special Session & Chairs  # Authors & Title
Deep learning in urban remote sensing:  A focus on training data 22 Javiera Castillo-Navarro, Nicolas Audebert, Alexandre Boulch, Bertrand Le Saux and Sébastien Lefèvre
What Data are needed for Deep Learning in Earth Observation ?
Jonathan Weber, Camille Kurtz, Germain Forestier
20 Dino Ienco, Kenji Ose and Christiane Weber
Towards combining Satellite Imagery and VGI for Urban LULC classification
74 Nicholus Mboga, Stefanos Georganos, Tais Grippa, Moritz Lennert, Sabine Vanhuysse and Eléonore Wolff
Weakly supervised fully convolutional networks using OBIA classification output
77 Matthew Gibson, Dhruv Kaushik and Arcot Sowmya
Robust CNNs for detecting collapsed buildings with crowd-sourced data
91 Adrien Nivaggioli and Hicham Randrianarivo
Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images
Regular Session  # Authors & Title
Deep learning for built areas 13 Sylvain Lobry and Devis Tuia
Deep Learning Models to Count Buildings in High-Resolution Overhead Images
55 Chunping Qiu, Michael Schmitt, Hannes Taubenböck and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Mapping Impervious Surfaces with Multi-seasonal Sentinel-2 Imagery and Attention-based ResNeXt
107 Xiangyu Zhuo, Milena Moenks and Peter Reinartz
Building Semantic Segmentation from Oblique UAV Imagery
102 Xiangtian Yuan, Jiaojiao Tian and Peter Reinartz
Building Change Detection Based on Deep Learning and Belief Function
35 Yilei Shi, Qingyu Li and Xiao Xiang Zhu
BFGAN — building footprint extraction from satellite images
9 Wei Zhang, Ping Tang, Lijun Zhao and Qingqing Huang
A Comparative Study of U-Nets with Various Convolution Components for Building Extraction
Regular Session  # Authors & Title
SAR Imagery 49 Xiangli Yang, Loïc Denis, Florence Tupin and Wen Yang
SAR Image Despeckling Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network Models
63 Hossein Bagheri, Michael Schmitt and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Towards the Reconstruction of Prismatic Building Models by SAR-Optical Stereogrammetry
36 Yilei Shi, Yuanyuan Wang, Xiao Xiang Zhu and Richard Bamler
Large-Scale Urban Mapping using Small Stack Multi-baseline TanDEM-X Interferograms
105 Ronny Hänsch and Olaf Hellwich
Online Random Forests for Urban Area Classification from Polarimetric SAR Images
42 Wen Liu, Fumio Yamazaki and Yoshihisa Maruyama
Extraction of the inundated area due to the July 2018 Western Japan torrential rain using multi-temporal ALOS-2 data
Regular Session  # Authors & Title
Processing 3D / Multview Data 18 Ahmed Nassar, Sébastien Lefèvre, Jan Wegner and Nico Lang
Learning geometric soft constraints for multi-view instance matching across street-level panoramas
5 Oussama Ennafii, Clément Mallet, Arnaud Le Bris and Florent Lafarge
The necessary yet complex evaluation of 3D city models: a semantic approach
62 Younes Zegaoui, Marc Chaumont, Gérard Subsol, Philippe Borianne and Mustapha Derras
Urban object classification with 3D Deep-Learning
112 Florent Guiotte, Sébastien Lefèvre and Thomas Corpetti
Rasterization strategies for airborne LiDAR classification using attribute profiles
4 Sergiy Kostrikov, Rostyslav Pudlo, Dmitry Bubnov and Anna Kostrikova
Studying of urban features by the multifunctional approach to LiDAR data processing
73 Martin Weinmann and Michael Weinmann
Urban Scene Labeling Based on Multi-Modal Data Acquired from Aerial Sensor Platforms