Topics include (but are not limited to) :

URBAN topics

  • New data & sensors for urban area remote sensing
    • SAR, InSAR, Airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, UAV, VHR optical orbital and airborne sensors and data, Hyperspectral sensors and data, …
  • Structure detection and characterization in urban areas
    • Change detection, Classification, Multitemporal analysis, Feature extraction methods, Calibration and correction approaches
  • Algorithms and techniques for remotely sensed data interpretation in urban areas
    • Building extraction and reconstruction, Road and road network extraction, Vehicle detection and traffic monitoring, Urban area extraction, Land use and land cover mapping, Data mining
  • Algorithms and techniques for urban area applications
    • Urban modeling, Urban area trend monitoring, Urban heat island monitoring, Urban atmosphere monitoring, GIS & remote sensing data fusion

URS topics

  • Urban climatology, geology, and geohazards
    • Urban heat island effects, Air quality assessment, Subsidence, Hydrology, Earthquake/Volcanic/ falling, landslide and debris flow geological hazards, Coastal hazards, Environmental monitoring (soil, groundwater contaminant studies)
  • RS applications to social science
    • Applications to vital statistics, RS and health, RS and GIS applications to social science, Applications to security and emergency, Applications to “World Expo” and “Olympic Games”, RS and GIS applications in archaeology
  • RS applications to urban planning and conservation
    • Urban planning, Transportation planning, Digital city, Urban conservation, Urban simulation based on RS, Cultural heritage
  • Urban development and growth pattern
    • Urban development modeling, Contributions to urban trajectory theory, Detailed structure change, Smart growth
  • Urban and peri-urban ecology
    • Urban and peri-urban landscape ecology, Urban and peri-urban ecological process modeling, Comparative studies