Special Session “Capturing green infrastructure provision using diverse airborne and orbital sensor systems”

Chairs : Christiane Weber, Ellen Banzhaf


  • Oladimeji Mudele and Paolo Gamba Mapping vegetation in urban areas using Sentinel-2


  • Stenka Vulova and Birgit Kleinschmit Thermal behavior and its seasonal and diurnal variability of urban green infrastructure in a mid-latitude city – Berlin


  • Brabant Charlotte, Alvarez-Vanhard Emilien and Houet Thomas Improving the classification of urban tree diversity from Very High Spatial Resolution hyperspectral images: comparison of multiples techniques


  • Anna-Maria Bolte and Theo Kötter Can you see green or blue? On the necessity of visibility analysis of urban open spaces using remote sensing techniques and GIS


  • Mohamed Chelali, Camille Kurtz, Nicole Vincent and Anne Puissant Urban land cover analysis from satellite image time series based on temporal stability