Session “Deep Learning for Built Areas”

Chair: Xiaoxiang Zhu


  • Sylvain Lobry and Devis Tuia Deep Learning Models to Count Buildings in High-Resolution Overhead Images


  • Chunping Qiu, Michael Schmitt, Hannes Taubenböck and Xiao Xiang Zhu Mapping Impervious Surfaces with Multi-seasonal Sentinel-2 Imagery and Attention-based ResNeXt


  • Xiangyu Zhuo, Milena Moenks and Peter Reinartz Building Semantic Segmentation from Oblique UAV Imagery


  • Xiangtian Yuan, Jiaojiao Tian and Peter Reinartz Building Change Detection Based on Deep Learning and Belief Function


  • Yilei Shi, Qingyu Li and Xiao Xiang Zhu BFGAN — building footprint extraction from satellite images


  • Wei Zhang, Ping Tang, Lijun Zhao and Qingqing Huang A Comparative Study of U-Nets with Various Convolution Components for Building Extraction