Special Session “National & international initiatives for Earth observation data and services “

Chairs : Anne Puissant, Arnaud Le Bris


  • Benjamin Beaumont, Nathalie Stephenne, Laura Van de Vyvere and Eric Hallot  Users’ consultation process in building a land cover and land use database for the official Walloon Georeferential


  • Marie Jagaille, Nicolas Bellec and René Garello  Regional Copernicus: foster end users uptake by co-designing regional EO-based products and services. An example with local and regional authorities (LRAs) in Brittany


  • Anne Puissant, Arnaud Sellé, Nicolas Baghdadi, Vincent Thierion, Arnaud Le Bris and Jean-Louis Roujean The ‘urban’ component of the French Land Data and Services Centre (Theia)


  • Filip Sabo, Christina Corbane, Panagiotis Politis, Martino Pesaresi and Thomas Kemper Update and improvement of the European Settlement Map


  • Felix Bachofer, Thomas Esch, Jakub Balhar, Martin Boettcher, Fabrice Brito, Vaclav Svaton and Marc Paganini The Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform – Processing, Analysing and Visualization of Heterogeneous Data for Urban Applications