Special Session “Slums, informal areas, or invisible cities? Mapping the “missing spaces” ” (Part A)

Chairs : Michael Wurm and Caroline Gevaert


  • Caroline M. Gevaert, Divyani Kohli and Monika Kuffer Challenges of mapping the missing spaces


  • Ryan Engstrom, Dan Pavelesku, Tomomi Tanaka and Ayago Wambile Mapping Poverty and Slums Using Multiple Methodologies in Accra, Ghana


  • Jakob Hartig, John Friesen and Peter F. Pelz Spatial relations of slums: size of slum clusters


  • Tais Grippa, Stefanos Georganos, Sabine Vanhuysse, Moritz Lennert, Nicholus Mboga and Eléonore Wolff Mapping slums and model population density using earth observation data and open source solutions


  • Divyani Kohli, Monika Kuffer and Caroline M. Gevaert The Generic Slum Ontology: Can a Global Slum Repository be created?