Special Session : “Deep learning in urban remote sensing: A focus on training data”

Chairs : Jonathan Weber, Camille Kurtz, Germain Forestier


  • Javiera Castillo-Navarro, Nicolas Audebert, Alexandre Boulch, Bertrand Le Saux and Sébastien Lefèvre
    What Data are needed for Deep Learning in Earth Observation ?


  • Dino Ienco, Kenji Ose and Christiane Weber
    Towards combining Satellite Imagery and VGI for Urban LULC classification


  • Nicholus Mboga, Stefanos Georganos, Tais Grippa, Moritz Lennert, Sabine Vanhuysse and Eléonore Wolff
    Weakly supervised fully convolutional networks using OBIA classification output


  • Matthew Gibson, Dhruv Kaushik and Arcot Sowmya
    Robust CNNs for detecting collapsed buildings with crowd-sourced data


  • Adrien Nivaggioli and Hicham Randrianarivo
    Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images