Student contest

15 students will compete for the best student paper award, as well as the best 3 minute thesis pitch award. The latter will be given following public voting from the JURSE 2019 attendees.

The 15 pitches have been given in the following (chronological) order.

Chunping Qiu, Michael Schmitt, Hannes Taubenböck and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Paper #55: Mapping Human Settlements with Sentinel-2 Imagery and Deep Neural Networks

Javiera Castillo-Navarro, Nicolas Audebert, Alexandre Boulch, Bertrand Le Saux and Sébastien Lefèvre
Paper #22: What Data are needed for Deep Learning in Earth Observation?

Yuansheng Hua, Lichao Mou and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Paper #11: Multi-label Aerial Image Classification using A Bidirectional Class-wise Attention Network

Hossein Bagheri, Michael Schmitt and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Paper #63: Towards the Reconstruction of Prismatic Building Models by SAR-Optical Stereogrammetry

Clément Rambour, Loïc Denis and Florence Tupin
Paper #58: Urban surface recovery through graph-cuts over SAR tomographic reconstruction

Jiameng Lai, Wenfeng Zhan and Sida Jiang
Paper #68: Forecasting of the Nighttime Surface Urban Heat Islands under Clear-sky

Younes Zegaoui, Marc Chaumont, Gérard Subsol, Philippe Borianne and Mustapha Derras
Paper #62: Urban object classification with 3D Deep-Learning

Qinghui Liu, Michael Kampffmeyer, Robert Jenssen and Arnt-Børre Salberg
Paper #10: Dense dilated convolutions merging network for semantic mapping of remote sensing images.

Ahmed Nassar, Sébastien Lefèvre, Jan Wegner and Nico Lang
Paper #18: Learning geometric soft constraints for multi-view instance matching across street-level panoramas

Matthew Gibson, Dhruv Kaushik and Arcot Sowmya
Paper #77: Robust CNNs for detecting collapsed buildings with crowd-sourced data

Xiangtian Yuan, Jiaojiao Tian and Peter Reinartz
Paper #102: Building Change Detection Based on Deep Learning and Belief Function

Xiangli Yang, Loïc Denis, Florence Tupin and Wen Yang
Paper #49: SAR Image Despeckling Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network Models

Mohamed Chelali, Camille Kurtz, Nicole Vincent and Anne Puissant
Paper #104: Urban land cover analysis from satellite image time series based on temporal stability

Thomas Stark, Michael Wurm, Hannes Taubenböck and Xiao Xiang Zhu
Paper #26: Slum Mapping in Imbalanced Remote Sensing Datasets Using Transfer Learned Deep Features

Yao Shen, Huanfeng Shen, Qing Cheng, Liwen Huang and Liangpei Zhang
Paper #17: Urban Expansion Trajectories in China’s 36 Major Cities